Donnerstag, 2. April 2009

and I´m feeling blue...

I just signed in for my new semester courses and I have to say this semesters schedule sucks. But at least it´s the summer semester and I can spend the waiting time between my courses outside in the sun. Yesterday I visited Eric during his lunch break and we enjoyed some tasty noodles outside-with almost a million other people. Afterwards I went to my local second hand store to give away my old stuff and received 60 euros. A part of this money stayed there for a high waisted dark red skirt and a cardigan for my little sister. Now I´m leaving to meet up with a friend and to enjoy the beautiful sun and a great chai tea latte.

trench:              pimkie
jeans chemise: second hand
skirt + shirt:    h&m
shoes:                urban outfitters


Anonym hat gesagt…

nice outfit, nice smile

corirose hat gesagt…

was? das ist ein pimkie trench? ich glaube ich muss gleich mal schnell dorthin spurten und nach diesem suchen - sehr chic!