Sonntag, 31. Januar 2010

red lips

Last dissertation for this semester - done! It feels good to have a little more time for family and friends. By the way... I got me some great new tights from COS, I´ll show you tomorrow.

Donnerstag, 28. Januar 2010


A friend of mine brought backpacking to the next level when she wanted to travel trough south america with a fluff roller "Fusselbürste" and a clothesline "Wäscheleine". You have to prioritize- so don´t forget your salsa shoes!

Montag, 25. Januar 2010

on the phone

Saturday night I had a few drinks with friends at the Farbfernseher and afterwards we went dancing at Rosie´s, a club which I can really recommend if you wanna party at one of Berlin´s great clubs.

blouse:   vintage
leggins:   cos
belt:         h&m
bag:         vintage

The Row. Com

Last friday the Olsens´s launched The Row website

You can have a look at their puristic, high-class women´s and men´s collections and get news about upcoming events. The Olsen´s will present The Row at this years New York fashion-week and we will be able to have look backstage on their website.

Samstag, 23. Januar 2010

kreuzberg tour

Spend the day with Eric and some friends in Kreuzberg. We took a look at the ysl vintage guerilla at the luzia which was not interesting at all. Just a few overpriced vintage pieces... Afterwards we met a few friends and had some of the most delicious french cake ever at the salon sucre which is a patisserie and a coiffeur in one.

Donnerstag, 21. Januar 2010

give me a minute to breathe

Tuesday night we went for free drinks to the warm up event of this years bread&butter @ the tommy hilfiger store. The clothes are not worthy to be mentioned... But the food looked delicious (I stopped eating for a while) and the drinks were good. Today I had to work on 3 different university projects at a time and I am exhausted right now!

Mittwoch, 20. Januar 2010

Premium - Blogger Panel

The big names had reserved places in the front row, the rest of us bloggers and other people had to find a free spot elsewhere. After everyone took a seat, Mary, Marcus, Christoph, Sven and Imran talked about blogs. It started with a short video in which the wonderful Suzy Menkes said that fashion blogs are the reason for us to have a "conversation instead of a monologue" about fashion. Bloggers are the new opinion leaders who brought the street style into our home and so created something like the "digital style". Everyone agreed that fashion bloggers are very authentic and give us a comment on fashion from their own limited point of view. They have street (digital) credibility and that´s what the fashion industry needed - they took fashion away from a few experts. The problem is that there are now a few experts in the real world (represented by the print media) and some new experts who operate on the internet. There they are the so called good blogs and they are good, but sometimes I get the feeling that there is no room for a few more good ones. It is so difficult to build up a network when there is already an established group. I met one of them in person and she was very nice and today I saw her again. She sat front row, I sat in the fifth. I was there alone, she was with the group and I wasn´t brave enough to talk to her...

Dienstag, 19. Januar 2010

off to...

Now I´m off to the Bead&Butter warm up party at the tommy hilfiger denim store with some of the girls. Free drinks baby!

Alexa Chung for J. Crew´s Madewell

images: google

After her show It´s on with Alexa Chung has been cancelled the girl found another job. She is going to design for J. Crew´s Madewell and because of her relaxed and always amazing style I think this is going to be beautiful...

Sonntag, 17. Januar 2010

live is life

Friday night Eric and I attended dissertation by Prof. Simon Frith, who is a popular scientist for pop music. The question is: "What is happening to live music when musicians don´t earn any money by selling records?" Afterwards we listened to Panda Bear, one of the creative guys behind Animal Collective. He performed his solo program (singing like the Beach Boys, playing guitar and turning the buttons of his turntables) which he visualized with very interesting videos. Pantha du Prince visualized his performance (just turning the buttons) with an huge antique picture. It was an interesting night which opened up my ears to a new band.

Montag, 11. Januar 2010

grandmothers self-made socks

I wanna go barefoot again!
These days I´m wearing two pairs of socks at a time to keep my feet almost warm. Not the kind of socks you can show in heels, but the kind of socks your grandmother knits for her beloved granddaughter. So I walk barefoot in heels at home to have the feeling of spring, for at least a few minutes... until my feet get cold again and grandmothers socks start to look like beautiful silk ones you can show in your heels. Spring, don´t let me wait too long!

Sonntag, 3. Januar 2010

2010 -> nothing has changed yet...

... and I think nothing will.
But: that is not bad, because I have everything I want and need.
Here are some pics of this/last new years eve.