Sonntag, 17. Januar 2010

live is life

Friday night Eric and I attended dissertation by Prof. Simon Frith, who is a popular scientist for pop music. The question is: "What is happening to live music when musicians don´t earn any money by selling records?" Afterwards we listened to Panda Bear, one of the creative guys behind Animal Collective. He performed his solo program (singing like the Beach Boys, playing guitar and turning the buttons of his turntables) which he visualized with very interesting videos. Pantha du Prince visualized his performance (just turning the buttons) with an huge antique picture. It was an interesting night which opened up my ears to a new band.


agatiszka hat gesagt…

You look sooo cool, great tee, I have the same :)

S. hat gesagt…

Klingt wirkich nach einem interessanten Abend. Da hab ich wohl etwas verpasst, aber man kann sich ja leider nicht zweiteilen.

T. hat gesagt…

Schönes Outfit! (soweit ich das erkennen kann)