Donnerstag, 22. Januar 2009

nerdy nerd!

These nerd glasses totally fit to my actual mood. I don´t do anything else than studying, complaining about it and studying again. Well, two tests well passed, nine more to come. Gosh, I´m so waiting for the party afterwards!! I have to practice my peace sign...

glasses:     flea market
cardigan:  cos (Eric´s)
leggins:     vero moda
shoes:       deichmann
bracelets: h&m

Montag, 19. Januar 2009

I love sale...

I got this sweater on saturday at cos, it´s just my favorite store... Originally it costs 50 euros and I got it for only 15! That means h&m prices for cos quality. Unfortunately I had to study the whole weekend and there are three more weeks to come. Well how do we Germans say: Augen zu und durch!

sweater:  cos
skirt:       diy (old h&m baggy jeans)
boots:      vintage
necklace: ebay

Samstag, 17. Januar 2009

boyfriend´s closets are great...

Today I wear a shirt of Eric. It was a present from a friend who brought it with him from Thailand. I like the skeleton and the color, something between grey and blue. Now I´m off to my best friends house to have some fun. Wish you all a nice weekend!

shirt: Eric´s
skirt: h&m
jacket: vintage
coffee: starbucks

Mittwoch, 14. Januar 2009

I love my girls!

Tonight I´ll see my friends. This means talking, laughing and some white wine. I missed them so much, because I haven´t seen them for a while . So, let´s have fun!!

dress: h&m
pullover: secondhand
socks: h&m
boots: deichmann

Dienstag, 13. Januar 2009

why do I always wear black?

... when I have this much colors in my closet... Jessie from Les Mads asked us to show our closets, so here it is. I don´t show you the inside of my drawers cause that´s where the chaos lives.

Montag, 12. Januar 2009

walking over water

Yesterday we made a walk over a lake, drank hot tea with a shot of liquor and enjoyed the beautiful sun. Back home I had to study again...

coat:     h&m trend
hat:      monki
boots:  buffalo
dress:   h&m
gloves&bag: gift from my grandmother

Samstag, 10. Januar 2009

where are you my friends?

I miss my friends.... Today was another day of hard work, which I spend learning stuff for university. Another day without my friends. Hopefully they´ll wait for me. A topic more fun is the dinner I went to with Eric to celebrate his dads birthday. His mom made this delicate dinner and we had champaign and a very good white wine from new zealand. I wore my black dress from cos which I got on sale two days before new years eve. It has been a very relaxing night - something I really need right now...

dress:   cos
tights:  h&m
boots:  tack
coat:     h&m
bag:      present from my grandmother
gloves: present from my grandmother

Donnerstag, 8. Januar 2009

Yes, I did it!

Today I had my first exam in form of an oral presentation. It went very well although I had the feeling to collapse any minute. So, one of eleven tests done.

dress:       monki
pullover: secondhand
belt:         h&m
leggins:   h&m
boots:     dinsko

Montag, 5. Januar 2009

so much to do!

I have so much to learn. In a few weeks I have about 10 tests to write and more important to pass. So, now I go to university and have a look at my lovely fellow students.

leather jacket: vero moda
pullover: cos
dress: cos
shoes: h&m
scarf: h&m

Samstag, 3. Januar 2009

frohes neues!!

Oh yeah, that was a night! Not the last one but sylvester. We celebrated a friends house and had a very nice firework at there terrace. After midnight we went to the private party of a friend of Eric and met my little sister who celebrated with us! The next day was horrible and the only thing I could do was watching TV and staying in bed. So, now it's 2009. What changed? I only have less time to learn for my exam... Let's see what this year has to offer!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!