Montag, 19. Januar 2009

I love sale...

I got this sweater on saturday at cos, it´s just my favorite store... Originally it costs 50 euros and I got it for only 15! That means h&m prices for cos quality. Unfortunately I had to study the whole weekend and there are three more weeks to come. Well how do we Germans say: Augen zu und durch!

sweater:  cos
skirt:       diy (old h&m baggy jeans)
boots:      vintage
necklace: ebay


alice hat gesagt…

your blog is very pretty and i like your style! boots are magnificent! tschus!

closeup hat gesagt…

der pulli ist echt toll :)

deep_in_vogue hat gesagt…

I love your pendant, and your coat is amazing, babe!! Wow and good deal on that sweater!

Aless & Rocío hat gesagt…

Lovely outfit!!