Montag, 8. Februar 2010


Corinne from cori et la fleur de cerisier tagged me and wanted to know who I am. So I answered some questions and here it goes:

favorite artist/band:        
lykke li/ steve miller band/ michael jackson - forever!

favorite movie:                
the dark knight/ Tarantino movies/ the last unicorn (I still have to cry in the end)/ a lot of Tim Burton movies, e.g. edward scissorhands

favorite designer/label:  
dries van noten/ acne/ the row/ carin wester

favorite festival:               
popaganda in Stockholm

favorite books:                  
stefan zweig - maria stuart/ homer´s ilias/ tolkien - the lord of the rings /maurice sendak - where the wild things are

favorite tv-show:              
heroes, big love, buffy

favorite person/icon:      
arielle the little mermaid/ my grandmother
style-wise: the Olsens/ Alexa Chung

favorite city/country:    
Berlin/ Stockholm/ Havanna (the architecture is amazing, the fact that there are so many poor people is not)

favorite moment ever:    
related to my beloved ones

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