Dienstag, 24. März 2009


Although this is not a political blog I´ve got the feeling to talk a little about Cuba besides the beautiful architecture and the great beach.
People there have jobs, but almost no possibility to start a career like we in Europe have. There are people begging on the streets for money, soap or food but not as much as I thought. We got told that people quit their jobs to start begging because it´s more profitable. We saw people living in houses which looked like they will collapse any minute and the cars are so old that you can´t believe they are still moving. And also, there aren´t enough cars for everyone so people have to hitchhike a lot. There a two different currencies on the island. One for tourists and one for locals, which is less valuable. That is also something you get to see while having vacations in Cuba. Thanks to the anonymous reader...
But as I mentioned before this is not a political blog. 
It´s more like a "what-I-wore-yesterday-blog". 
If there are any questions about Cuba, feel free to ask.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Wow, ds war echt interessant. Hab' z.B. nicht gewusst, dass es zwei verschiedene Währungen auf der Insel gibt. Obwohl, leider macht es Sinn. Cool, dass du auch darüber geschrieben hast. :)